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Tyranny / Bleak Vistae

1. Passing Through Ague 13:33
2. The Leaden Stream 14:11
3. Drown 16:56

Length: 44:40

Genre:funeral doom metal
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This 2 man project called Tyranny is from Finland. This MCD contains 3 songs of very slow Funeral Doom with some Doom/Death influence. Well about this MCD what you can is very slow guitar riffs, very depressive keyboard riffs and very low growls. The first song on this is cd is called Passing Through Ague, whole the song its very depressive, so slow, so mournful, very low growl. The second song called The Leaden Stream, Its the same thing as the first song but you can hear in every song a lot of alternation. the 3rd and last song called Drown is the largest song of all 16:56 minutes long in this song you you hear more the keyboard parts and growls and on the background sometimes guitars. I think is one of the best Funeral Doom bands of this time.